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This formula was formulated by Skin Renewal Method ™, an exclusive skin care line for Miami’s most elite clientele, and is now made available to you. Along with using our Acne Solution product line, we highly recommend that you can get a professional facial, which will be very beneficial for you. Also, remember that if your skin is not improving at all after 60 days of diligent application of our treatment , a visit to the dermatologist may be necessary. Your physician will more than likely prescribe some type of antibiotics. Some times antibiotics are needed to jump-start the internal cleansing and stop the spread of the bacteria. However, even if you seek medical intervention, you should not stop using our anti-acne treatment line– as this is a must for the exterior of your skin, as well as  to keep your skin clean and balanced.

Our formula/treatment consists of 5 items, which are derived from natural plant sources, and does not contain irritating ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide. In order to combat the problem of acne, these five products must be used in combination of each other. The Acne Solution Complete Kit includes:

  • Foaming Clarifying Cleanser
  • Clarifying Toner
  • Clarifying Moisturizer
  • Microdermabrasion Face Scrub
  • Overnight Pimple Drying Formula (your pimples will be dried out over night)

We hope that you will enjoy using our products.


Skin Renewal Method ™