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How to Use The Acne Solution

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Thank you for purchasing The Acne Solution. We are excited  for you, as you are finally well on your way to achieve some much needed relief from breakouts, pimples, over active oily skin, and ACNE! We hope that soon you’ll see a great reduction in acne breakouts. Each of our products indicates a number on its label.  Follow each in the order given. For example:  the clarifying face wash indicates the Number 1 on the bottle, so, use that first. The clarifying face moisturizer indicates the Number 3 on the jar, so, use that as the 3rd product-in-line, and so on.

Here is how you should use our acne products:

Morning (Each Day):

  1. Wash face with the Acne Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, rinse off with water. Tap dry with a clean and gentle towel or face cloth, or paper towel. Never reuse the same towel.
  2. Use a few drops of The Clarifying Face Toner, applying on a piece of cotton, and wipe off entire face or affected skin with toner.
  3. In the morning after using the clarifying cleanser and clarifying toner, apply a small amount of moisturizer on skin. This is a must. Remember, dry skin creates more pimples and breakouts. Only skin that is well cleansed and moisturized will be able to heal.

Several Times Per Week:


Start with the clarifying cleanser, then 3 to 4 times a week, take  a small amount (maybe the tip of a tea spoon size) of the microdermabrasion scrub- apply all over your face (avoid eyes) or any area effected by acne, using gentle circular motions.  Massage into skin, until you no longer feel any sand like particles on your skin. Rinse off with warm water. Dry with clean towel or paper towel. Wipe remainder with the clarifying toner- using clean cotton balls.

Then,  apply only on real pimples /zits but only on the pimples themselves a dollop of the  PIMPLE DRYING LOTION. Leave it on the effected area (remember only use on active pimples) and then go to sleep. YOU WILL WAKE UP WITH A GOOD 50% REDUCTION IN PIMPLE SIZE!

In the morning repeat step 1,2,3.

There is no need to use moisturizer on the skin at night if and when you apply the pimple drying lotion. Pimples should dry out with in 3 to 5 days after using the PIMPLE DRYING LOTION.


You can use  Pimple drying lotion every day  for as long as you have pimples that are inflamed. Remember, no matter what you do  and what you use, it should always be used  on clean skin. Also, remember that oily skin has to have the correct PH balance, which means it cannot be too oily or too dry.

We are confident that our Acne Solution will greatly help with your acne breakouts.