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Acne, Some Common Questions & Answers

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What causes acne scarring and what is the best method to treat severe acne, as well as nodular cysts?

Inflammation is a result of infection caused by a bacterium called Propionobacterium acnes ( P-acne) that live on the surface of the skin and flourish within the blocked follicle. The result is the redness and swelling of the lesion. In chronic and more severe cases, the inflammation within a follicle can tear, causing damage to the surrounding skin which triggers the inflammatory response, resulting in potential deep scarring if left untreated. Early treatment is the best way to prevent acne scars. If you have already developed acne scarring you will probably need to undergo medical skin treatments such as microdermabrasion ( a process by which your skin is abraded), or laser treatments which are very aggressive, so do your research before you opt for laser rejuvenation treatments. In cases of individuals with severe acne you may need to go on medications prescribed by a dermatologist. Popular medications such as Accutane may be prescribed to you. Accutane is usually a 6 months therapeutic treatment and we suggest that you look up the side effects as they can be severe.

[These side effects may include: depression, loss of appetite, delayed cognition, dryness, itching, muscle aches and liver dysfunction].

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE BLOOD WORK TAKEN to test the liver function if your doctor prescribes Accutane to you. Retin-A cream and antibiotics may be prescribed as well to treat moderate to severe acne.

Do over the counter acne products work in fighting acne? What should I look for in acne products?

Many of you have probably gone to your local drug store to look for over the counter products that are supposed to treat acne. The problem with these products is that they are mass produced and often they contain too little or too much of ingredients such as Benzoyl peroxide which either dries out the skin too much (causing dry, painful and/or irritated skin), or does not yield any results. The problem with commercial products that are mass produced and can be purchased in drug stores, department stores or through television infomercials is that since they are mass produced for millions of people they don’t use the purest ingredients because that would not be cost effective for them as profit is the manufacturers’ number one motivator.

Look for products made of the purest ingredients composed of natural by products derived from fruit, vegetable or vitamin extracts. A good rule of thumb is to look for products, scrubs and masques which contain tea tree oil which is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree. Tea Tree Oil has shown some proficiency in reducing the effects of acne. Like benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil attacks bacteria and limits oil production, but without the adverse side effects such as itching, burning, irritations or peeling.

When purchasing acne skin products, look for products that are hypoallergenic (low risk of causing acne) and low in oil and alcohol. Do not use harsh scrubs, instead use mild cleansers. Of course, being that we have developed our own, naturally derived, chemical free (no benzoyl peroxide, or other irritating ingredients) acne product line, The Acne Solution. Have a look at some of our client testimonial videos.

This is not meant so much to be a sales pitch, but rather you’ll get an idea of what people looked for in acne products, and what they liked about The Acne Solution. It may help you to decide what to look for in quality acne products.