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Help With Psoriasis

Although psoriasis presents itself in the form of a chronic inflammatory skin disorder; it is better known in the world of naturopathic physicians as the leaky-gut syndrome. In the world of natural medicine, it is believed that the walls of the intestines become so thin, and compromised that the penetration of toxins (such as fats, yeasts, acids and sugars) which would otherwise be broken down by the digestive system, are eliminated into the bloodstream, and become trapped in the intestinal walls.

The best help with psoriasis source we have found, is a book by Dr. A Pagano, entitled, Healing Psoriasis. We highly recommend, that if you suffer from psoriasis, that you purchase Dr. Pagano’s book and follow his dietary recommendations. It may be hard to do at first, but we recommend you try out a natural approach to treat psoriasis, before you try conventional medications, which are very hard on the intestines, and body in general.

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