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How Mandelic Acid Can Help Treat Acne & Congested Skin


We’ve formulated our AHA Mandelic Acid skin care line, and receive quite a bit of inquiries into how mandelic acid in general can help to treat acne and congested skin. So if you’d like to learn how mandelic acid can help to treat acne and congested skin, please click to watch.  Have a question for us? Please don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section or contact us. We thank you for your interest!

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  1. Karen Caston says:

    Hi Eva, thanks for swiftly answering my question a couple days ago. I did do research on hydroquinone & do know the possible side effects. What I was and am going to do is for 3 mos. complete this process with hydroquinone 8% and then completely quit it. What I then want to do is begin a new regimen with your mandelic acid and arbutin systems. When I researched hydroquinone a few months ago, I knew I wasn’t going to stay on it. I’ve read materials from various notable dermatologists regarding hydroquinone and how some prescribe it. Secondly, I’m interested in your mineral makeup. I currently use Bare Minerals loose foundation in warm/dark (current color) and warm/deep (before hydroquinone), Since hydroquinone has lightened the mild melasma, my true skin color is coming through. My question is: Can I email you a photo of me and of the Bare Minerals color I’d be currently using and would you be able to develop your mineral makeup for me? (I live in Cali. and can’t get to you.) I began hydroquinone 8% on Dec. 10, 2013. If you answer, will you please address my changing to your systems in due time and the mineral makeup.

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Dear Karen: It’s my pleasure to answer, and I try to do so as quickly as I can. It will be my pleasure to take a look at your skin and/or areas of concern. When you’re completely off your current prescription creams and any other products, we can discuss you possibly switching off to my products. I would ask that you email me directly with your photos and/or we may be able to set up a fifteen minute face-to-face online consultation. As for mineral make-up. It is not my forte or even something I aspire to do on a large market level. I custom blend mineral make-up for my in house (personal) clients. I have five shades I work with, two of which are for dark to black skin. Sometimes, we combine those two shades and my clients love the colors combined. My mineral make-up is meant to naturally and smoothly blend out on the skin. It is almost sheer in color. Almost like wearing a pantyhose that accentuates the leg and blends out imperfections. I don’t want to sell you on something you may not be happy with. What we could do is– I could mail you a sample for a nominal shipping fee, and if you love it, I will sell and customize it for you. But only if you will absolutely love it. I custom blend for my clients because I have them in front of me, so it’s easy to make adjustments. In any event, I am always accessible, so we should be able to figure it out one way or the other. 🙂 When you’re ready, please contact me through the website, and I will answer you personally and privately. Hope my answer is satisfactory. Wishing you best of health!!! —- Eva.

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  3. tina says:

    Hello! I have African skin and am congested pores all over my face, the pores appear to be tiny bumps until you look closer. When I squeeze them a string of white cream like consistency comes out of the pores all over my face.. Absolutely nothing I have ever tried has helped. Can you suggest what product I can use that de-clog the pores and give me a smooth look again? Thanks in advance!

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi, Tina – before you make a purchase please email me photos to AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. Take care, Eva.

  4. Mona says:

    Hi i am new I am 27 year old iam African light skin
    a mother of two
    I live in italia Roma
    But i have questions please you don’t mind
    1i am 160higth 75kg
    My problem is old strachmaks
    Different colors between my legs plz I need help for this
    I hope you answer me soon

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi, Mona: There isn’t much you can do to clear up the stretch marks. Here are some videos I have made in the past which should help you.



      Take good care, Eva.

  5. Misa says:

    I am a 31 year old plus size, light skinned black woman who suffers with dark inner thighs and the occasional pimple here and there on the inner thigh. I have suffered with this problem since I was about 16 years old. I’m looking for a skin care solution to resolve this problem, please help

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      See if these videos help:



      If you have any additional questions or have any interest in any products, please feel free to ask in comment section or email me at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. Take good care.