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How Middle Eastern Women Can Treat Knee Discoloration

The skin care question we’re answering today is specific to middle eastern skin:

I am answering a question by a young lady with respect to treating knee and buttocks discoloration. I hope
you find the answer to be helpful.

The question is as follows:

“Hello Eva. How do I treat the following — I am a 22 year old middle eastern woman, I have a light tan skin color throughout my body ( which I’m happy to have) but, I do have darkness between my thighs and on my knees, which I understand it’s due to my ethnicity. I also have dark spots ( from acne i think) on my buttocks. I’d like to have these things improved a bit ( realistically of course). Which of your products are most helpful in my case? And may I send you some pictures?”

The answer is absolutely yes– you may email me pictures at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. For a complete answer, please see the video above.

For products I suggest, here are the links:

AHA Mandelic Acid Level 1 http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/aha-mandelic-acid-complete-line-level-1/

Microdermabrasion Scrub http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/arbutin-microdermabrasion-scrub/

Micro Needle Roller for the Body http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/micro-needle-roller-for-the-body-85/

HA + C Lightening Cream http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/hyaluronic-acid-vit-c-cream-65/