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How to Lighten the Knucles on Dark Skinned Hands

Today’s help with skin care segment covers the topic of skin lightening specific to the knuckles in dark skinned individuals. We hope the information we’re sharing with you is helpful to you.

Please feel free to ask me any skin care related questions you may have below in the comment section or you may email Eva directly at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com.

Recommended product line to help lighten dark knuckles is: our AHA Mandelic Acid line.

18 Responses so far.

  1. Quita S says:

    Hello, I saw on one of your videos that it was not good to use lemon juice on pigmentation….why is it not good to use it?

  2. Stacey says:

    Hello Eva,
    Love your videos. I actually was about to purchase the Arburtin set for the spots on my legs but after watching this I am now confused. Which is better? Mandelic or Arburtin? Based on speed of results and effectiveness ? Thank u

  3. betty says:

    Can I order online or over the phone, I want product for dark knees, knuckles elbows and feet. Please answer asap, I live in palm beach fl

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hello, Betty:

      Thank you very much for your interest in my products. I am located in Bay Harbor (between Sunny Isles and Miami Beach) so you are welcome to schedule an appointment to come in and have your skin analyzed and purchase the products, or you may purchase them here (through this website) as well. If you need any further assistance please let me know. Take care, Eva.

  4. Evelyn says:

    I have a big problem and I need ur help

    My heels are darker than me he rest of my skin
    I seriously need ur help SAP

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      You can’t lighten heels up. No such thing. Sorry. Try wearing thin socks or stockings with your shoes.

  5. Siya says:

    Hi Eva ,
    I have a dark horizontal line across my nose … What can I do to make it lighten ??

  6. mallika sarkar says:

    i mam….
    i hv medium skin tone…& my problm is my bikini line,& between my thai line colour is darkr thn my skin….i need ur help….

  7. Milla says:

    I watched your video on YouTube.
    My knuckles are really really bad. It makes me have low self esteem. I can’t even wear my engagement ring because I feel shy, am not happy about my hands.
    Have use and done so many-things to get rid of them.
    Please what would be very effective for me to use. I really need your help please I want this gone.
    I couldn’t send you pictures so you could see what am talking about.

  8. vivian says:

    Hi i have very dark knuckles, please help….