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How to Treat or Cure Adult Female Acne

Adult female acne is more prevalent in adults now (2013) more than ever. With so many hormonal imbalances, stressors, poor diets, processed foods, allergies and so on, it is more the norm now, than not! If you suffer from adult acne you’re not alone. There is help and there are alternative treatments. Have a skin care question for Eva? Ask below in the comment section or visit our YouTube Skin Care Channel.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hi I’m 25 years old female who experiences bad acne breakout since 24, never had breakout this bad before! I took roxithromycin for 8weeks and it cleared acne abit, doctor suggested to start to accurate but i was reluctant to take it due to side effects. Some of my acnes are underneath skin, you can feel the bump underneath skin, and when you try to pop it, nothing comes out. It can stay up to a year underneath the skin then you would notice it does get smaller. So what are those? Rosacea? Secondly, some pimples can be easily popped, but after i pop them, the area seems bruised, and you could see spots of red marks around the pimples. And the bruise seems to not going away. What can I do to get rid of the bruise? Thirdly, when I pop the pimples, zits come out, but I also find there’s kind of clotting blood coming out with the zits, why is the blood clotted?

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi Linda: First, we’re sorry you’re having such a hard time with your acne. We do think that with everything you’re writing, you should absolutely see a dermatologist. We would encourage you to STOP popping your breakouts. Please stop! You will cause permanent scarring, not to mention skin discoloration. You absolutely should seek the attention of a dermatologist. It seems from what you’re writing that you may be dealing with cystic acne. We wish you the best of luck!

  2. Leena says:

    Hi, I am 23 and I have been suffering from acne problem since I was 14. I have visited 5 doctors but I don’t know why everyone’s prescribed method did not work anymore after it worked for a few months. I feel my skin kind of gets accustomed to the medication and builds its own immunity against it. I used to have a bad habit of popping acne or scratching them with my nails which resulted in black spot on my face. But my pimples don’t naturally go to the stage where it can be popped out easily. It stays on unless I put my hands on it. As a result it does get cured but eventually leaves me with a black spot. My face is full of black spots now and my original skin tone (brown) can’t be seen anymore. I am thinking of visiting a doctor again but I know that the medication will work for some time and then it will again be the same condition. Another thing is every medicine or lotion I had been recommended dried up and made my skin so rough that I had to really struggle to get back my normal skin smoothness. For this reason also I am a little skeptical about visiting the doctors again.

  3. Kamaljit says:

    Hi, I am 27 years old and facing acne problem. More than that my skin(face) is also becoming black. My complete body color is different from my face color. My face color s dark than my skin color. Please suggest something here.

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi Kamaljit:

      I am not certain what is causing your face to become black with respect to your body’s lighter color. You’re welcome to email me photos (so that I may be able to better advise you) to MedSpa33154(at)Gmail(dot)com.

      In the meanwhile, maybe some of these videos blogs I made will help you out:




      I hope this helps. Thank you.