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Is Mandelic Acid Safe for Black Women to Lighten Inner Thighs?

Mandelic acid (in appropriate formulation) is extremely effective in lightening hyperpigmented areas and decongesting ethnic skin; especially dark to black skin. We received a question about our Mandelic AHA line and whether or not the lady interested in lightening her inner thighs would be a candidate. We hope the above information helps. To learn more about our AHA Mandelic product line, please watch our informative video.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Hello I wanted to see if you can list the products I should buy for certain areas.
    My elbows are darker then my arms, my knees are darker as well. I have follicles that’s are dark on my legs they lookalike black dots and also my feet have darker skin on top of my toe.

  2. ana says:

    i have fair skin, but after having a few pregnancies, my inner thighs are very dark, what products would you recommend?

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Ana – I thank you very much for your interest in my products! If you have not given birth in a year or more, and you don’t have discoloration due to any vaginal discharge, I would recommend the following lightening kit for you: http://www.skinrenewalmethod.com/mini-eva-kit/ If you rather email me pictures before ordering the products please email me directly to my private email: AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. Take good care! – Eva.

  3. RK says:

    hi dear eva…

    am 28yrs female,indian,unmarried,no systemic problems,not on any oral medications.

    my problem is dark buttocks and inner thighs.
    (color of my skin elsewher is almost more than 5 times fairer than that of buttocks.)
    skin is rough with bumpy areas..but no pus…bumpy lesions appear to flare sometimes…sometimes they will be minimum….

    i saw ur videos.

    what products should be used??
    how long does it take to see improvement??
    how long will be the treament??
    how much it will cost??

    kindly reply and help me

    thank you

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi, there – please email me pictures to my private email at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. Take good care, Eva.

  4. Mrs Khan says:

    Hi, I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask someone for a long time but it’s quiet embarrassing so I’ve never seeked anyone’s opinion or anything.. My problem is that my private parts are very dark compared to my skin they are too dark and so are my underarms but my main concern is private part it’s very upsetting and it just conserns me a lot for when I do get married which is soon…I would really appreciate if you could advise me on something I can use either from this website or any home remedies.
    Thank you so much xx

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Nothing to be embarrassed about! NOTHING AT ALL! Here are some videos that may help:






      If you would like further advice or suggestions on products you’re welcome to email me at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com or ask below in the comment section. Wishing you best of health. – Eva.

  5. Veronica says:

    Hello and Thank you for the free videos on skin care. As a black skin person, I really appreciate it tremendously. My question, different parts of my body is darker or different shades of colours. For instance, my neck, thighs, private areas and armpits. My face, arms, feet and legs are lighter. I feel mix match, sometimes embarrass of the discoloration. What can I do to fix this? I guess to be even skin tone? If there is no option to bleach areas. Is there any safe bleaching in the market?
    Thanks for your time and honesty you give.

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Veronica: I say this to you as a mother – invest time and money to buy some books that will help you work on you and help you love you just as you are! I know this sounds like a cliche comment – but it’s heartfelt. Don’t spend money on my products or any other products. Our body does not have a uniform color to it. All of us have darker and lighter shades in one or other parts of the body. Please don’t waste money or try remedies which may cause you health issues or just be a total waste of your time and money. Take good care, Eva.

  6. Fabiola says:

    Hello , I used have a fungus infection on my inner thighs and all around my buttocks. Now I’m left with Dark marks on my skin . What cream would suits me best

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      I think it’s best you consult with a dermatologist before purchasing any products. Take good care, Eva.

  7. Fabiola says:

    I’m very interested in your guys Products

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Thank you, Fabiola,for you interest in my products. I am happy to look at pictures first before you place a purchase so that I may better advise you. My email is AskAboutSkinCare@Gmail(dot)com. Unless you’d like to ask me here directly. Have a great weekend! – Eva.