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Level 1 AHA 10% Mandelic Acid 2 oz. $130

"aha mandelic acid 10% 2 oz bottle"

Level 1 AHA 10% Mandelic Acid 2 oz.

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Our AHA Mandelic Acid is formulated to lighten and decongest your skin. Formulated for dark to black skin, but is suitable for all skin colors. Whether you have dark spots on your face, or if you have acne, or you would like to lighten around intimate areas, our AHA Mandelic Acid is your answer.


On cleansed skin, apply with a Q-tip or gauze, all over the face or area that needs to be treated.  Leave on for about 3  minutes for the first 2-3 times. Skin will feel tingly which is normal. After about 3 minutes, rinse off with neutralizer.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Zunaira Abid says:

    Hi i have been doing waxing in my bikini area and now i realize my skin is getting darker. I am also going to do the laser treatment but is it ok to use the mendalic acid in the bikini area to lightening my area while doing the laser treatment ?

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Good morning,

      Yes – it’s OK as long as you don’t use the treatment the day before laser, day of laser treatment and next day, and definitely not on the day you shave or wax. By the way – if you’re doing laser treatments, you should not wax – ONLY SHAVE. Hope this helps. Take good care.