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Level 2 AHA 20% Mandelic Acid 1oz. $85

"aha 20% mandelic acid 1 oz. bottle"

Level 2 AHA 20% Mandelic Acid 1 oz. (Neutralizer Included).

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  2. Samkelisiwe says:

    Hey dear my name is samkelisiwe from south Africa i love your products and i want to know how is it in rands? Including shipping and how do I make payment

  3. Samkelisiwe says:

    Hey my name is samkelisiwe from south Africa i love your products and the inspiration words you give us on daily basis regarding your magnificent products I would really love to try them and is it good for sensitive skin?I’m brown in complexion.thank you

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hello, there-

      THanks you so much for your interest in my products. I have products which are specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and some that are formulated for other skin types. Before you make a purchase, why don’t you email me some pictures of your skin so that I may be better able to advise you. My email is: AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. Wishing you best of health! — Eva.

  4. Pamela Schleicher says:

    I have not tried any of these products. I was just curious, but loved the way you teach how to use the products and emphasize how not to do certain things. Great explanatory video. Thank you

    Pam S

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      I really appreciate your comment and you taking the time out to watch my videos. Wishing you best of health! — Eva.

  5. Mary says:

    I’ve never heard of these products before. However, i find it very usefuI and i want to give it a try. But, i don’t know where or how can i buy your products. I am living in the United States.
    Thank you!!

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  7. Monica says:

    Hi Eva, I am Monica.
    I saw your videos about intimate bleaching and i want to know if it’s effective, i mean if i can bleach really my dark intimate area. I had tried a cream with Kojic acid , but it doesn’t work , i didn’t see any visible results. My intimate area are really dark and my inner thighs too.
    I have many dark areas , that i can’t bleanch and this makes me feel so ensecure.
    Thank you

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi, Monica: I suggest you email me pictures to my personal email and let me see what you’re referring to. This way I’ll be able to better advise you as to what would work best, if anything. Thank you for your interest in my products! My email is askaboutskincare(at)gmail(dot)com. Take care, Eva.

  8. Rosa says:

    Hey Eva,

    Just being watching your videos online. I have some problems within my private area just after my inner thighs near my private part it’s dark, medium dark. Really insecure and in need of your help.


  9. Itsme says:

    Hello Eva,

    I am an early 40’s African American female with dark butt as a result of weight fluctuation. I have medium dark brown skintone. I also noticed that when I investigate the buttock area, that it is moreso the stretch marks and deep almost black hyperpigmentation that makes this area darker than the rest of my normal skin tone. I have been using 40% lactic and 10% glycolic acid in these areas every 10-14 days, but see very slight improvement. I wish to purchase the mandelic acid. I would like to know if I should start on the level 1 mandelic acid or the level 2 because my skin has become acclimated to the AHA products that I currently use. I also love your videos and know that derma roller usage will help with stretch marks to promote collagen production. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and hope to hear from you soon : )

    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      Hi, Itsme: If I am understanding correctly I think you are over using products and mixing too many. You should only be using one product line at a time. You may cause more problems than needed. This should offer you more information as to why. You should wait a good month stop using any products you’re using and than try a new product line. Take good care, Eva.

  10. Nadia says:

    Hello. I just watched your video on how to brighten dark knuckles. I played it several times but I was only able to pick or hear Mandelic acid but I just didn’t get the other lotion, the one used after the acid. Did you say neutralizing lotion? What exactly did you call it.


    • SkinRenewalMethod says:

      I thank you so so much for your interest in my products. The neutralizer is part of the package for the Madelic Acid and is used after you apply the Mandelic Acid when washing off. Instructions come with the package. You are on the correct page. The Level 2 AHA 20% Mandelic Acid is the product. Hope this answers your question. Take good care! – Eva.

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