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PCOS in Black Women, Plus Skin Lightening/Conditions

We recevied a question from Alice, a young black woman living in the Orient. This has to be one of the best series of questions we’ve ever received. Thus, we’re dividing the segments in 2 (two) parts. Alice’s questions cover a myriad of related health and skin care conditions. Here is an excerpt from Alice’s question:

Dear Eva,

I just came across your post on YouTube today. I must say you are like God’s sent when I heard the wise information you shared about skin discoloration and problem from different causes.

I am of pure African decent so of course my skin is dark but not so black and am 34 years old. I suffer from PCOS a condition I didn’t know I had until I was diagnosed last year. Growing up I noticed large dark patches in between my thighs and groins, on the left side of my breast, and have very bad acne since young until now on my face, back and chest. I am not confident wearing a swimsuit as it exposes all my defected skin and neither can I wear any short dresses or shorts. I am ashamed of my skin and the only person who sees positiveness is my husband!

I also have varicose veins behind my knees and spiderweb veins on my right thigh. I have been searching for products to clear my acne and have spent so much money trying every other product. I am 17 weeks pregnant. I am aware that using your lightening products while I am pregnant is not a good idea, what about acne products?

There was more to the question, but to allow for Alice’s privacy, we omited certain sentences. So, if you suffer from PCOS (and it sees no color), you should watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this video. BTW…. Why not send Alice some words of encouragement if you too suffer or have suffered from PCOS!

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  1. Lois says:

    I am with you sister! I am an African American too and I have had to fight this so hard in my 32 years of age. My skin has become so thick and hard to work with. Ingrown hairs, discolorations, hyperpigmentation, and hair on my belly too. I do break out but not as much as the hair on my chin. I have eczema and dark patches between my legs and my arm pit. I have done all I can and I pray for the grace to be able to cope with this condition. I believe God for his healing because i’m a christian. However, I have tried to get pregnant to no avail so, I am glad and happy for you on that note. So, please wait until you have given birth before you start treating the discolorations, your hormone could actually balance itself out just like Miss Eva has said. I wish you a blessed and happy journey with your baby and your healthy skin journey too. Keep me updated okay.

  2. brittani says:

    I have pcos to the point where the hair on my face is dreadful i can’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror and at timesi just don’t want to have to put makeup in all the time but i have to because of all the dark marks left behind as a result of the hair that grows in my neck chin and the side of my face I hate it with a passion so i completely sympathize with you and on top of all that i also sure with the weight gain I’m just a big ball of mess but I’m looking forward to the advice that’s given on this site and hope that we can all continue to up lift each other!