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Skin Care Giveaway (Value up to $300)

"skin care giveaway"

Skin Renewal Method™ is teaming up with Bay Harbour Med Spa (located in Bay Harbor, Florida) to offer the following skin care giveaway to three lucky contestants. Here are the details and easy requirements to win:

1. You’re competing for either a 6 months supply of the Acne Solution (valued @ $200), or the Arbutin Skin Lightening System (valued @ $300). You will need to specify which line you’re competing for. Please pick the one that will address your skin care issue. Don’t go by the value.
2. You should submit a short FUNNY video or skit holding a sign or incorporating one of the following:

  • Bay Harbour Med Spa


  • SkinRenewalMethod.Com


  • The Acne Solution

3. In the funny video or skit, tell us why I should pick you. DO NOT tell us your sad stories (we all have sad stories). We want this to be a fun competition for all of us. We want our subscribers to laugh and have a good time. ANIMALS MAY NOT BE USED AS PROPS!!
4. Submit your short video (can be mp4 file or mov file) to AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(Dot)Com. You must tell us which line you’re competing for. You may only enter once (we do have a way of tracking this, so please be fair to others. Include your full name, include your contact details).
5. Last entry date is November 10th,2013.
6. To find out the winners (there will be 3), you’ll need to join our Facebook Page, that is where we’ll be announcing the winner.
7. Anyone living outside of the US, will have to pay for shipping.

In the meanwhile, have a look at some of the funniest giveaway entries we’ve received thus far.

Good luck to all of you!!