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What are Deep Cleansing Face and Back Facials

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A proper acne facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear well-hydrated skin.  The basic steps of a proper acne facial are:

  1. Skin analysis- this allows the skin care professional to decipher what type of skin you have and which type of facial would be best suited for you.
  2. Cleansing of the skin to remove debris.
  3. Exfoliation- usually derived from a fruit or plant extract (grainy in nature) would be used.
  4. Steam (this facilitates the opening of the pores for proper extraction)
  5. Massage- (this encourages circulation). Please note: some clients should not get face massages if their skin is highly broken out.
  6. Extraction ( NEVER, EVER should your skin care practitioner squeeze your skin with his/her fingers, a tool by the name of a comedone extractor should be used).
  7. Mask- at our med spa, we custom blend a mask specific to the client’s need. Masks are standard, but each case is different, so why should a standard mask be used when one that can be blended specifically for you can be used instead?
  8. Moisturizer or skin protecting agent should be applied before your facial treatment comes to an end. Please note, the above is the minimum criteria that you should expect to receive when getting a facial.

Who gives a facial?

Usually, a licensed aestheticism, preferably with special training in European skin care.

 How often should I get a facial?

It varies from person to person. Ideally, you should get a facial every four to six weeks because that’s how long it takes the skin to regenerate. Try to have a facial at least four times a year, as the seasons change. You may need it more frequently if you are trying to clear up acne, especially at the beginning.

Otherwise, once a month is plenty. Out of all three treatments you’re reading about, this acne treatment is the least expensive. The following is a before and after picture of a young man who has had several back acne facials, coupled with a consistent home skin care regimen.

"back acne before after"