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What Types of Skin Care Treatments are Recommended to Help Treat Acne?

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Depending on your skin’s individual needs and severity of acne, these are the types of skin treatments you may choose from:

  1. Deep acne cleansing facials and back cleansing treatments.
  2. Microdermabrasion treatments, which gently abrades away layers of your skin, thereby regenerating skin cell growth which can help reduce breakouts, enlarged pores and acne scarring. [More about this treatment to follow].
  3. Ultrasonic facials combined with customized products that are penetrated under the epidermic layer of the skin, which fight the bacteria causing the acne breakouts.

Before the start of any skin treatment, these are the types of questions that you skin care provider should ask you:

  • Do you crave sugar, caffeine, dairy, or bread?
  • Have you been on birth control pills for more than two years?
  • Did your parents have acne?
  • Do you play sports?
  • How often do you wash your face?
  • What products do you use?
  • What makeup do you use?
  • Do you color your hair? How often?
  • Are you lactose intolerant?
  • Is your menstrual cycle regular?
  •  Have you ever been prescribed tetracycline/antibiotics for acne for one month or longer?

The above skin care questionnaire indicates a history of acne, a hereditary connection, and perhaps the most pervasive problem in today’s society- hormonal imbalances. With the answers to these questions your skin care provider can devise a plan of treatments to help you with your acne. Sometimes, a recommendation to a physician is required, such as dermatologist, endocrinologist and even a gynecologist, which specializes in conducting tests that may take up to a month for the results to come back.