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Why Did My Brown Skin Become Dark Brown? (Skin Care Q&A)

We received the following skin care question, asked by Oliver (a young male): I used to be brown skinned and I wanted waves, so I put this oily thing on my hair which was suppose to be natural, but then one day, I woke up and I was way darker than I use to be (I got from brown to a dark brown ). Then I bought this skin bleach and skin exfoliator because I wanted my color back, for a while I was getting lighter, but when I saw my self on Skype, I had this redish skin tone (still brown but a little redish) and I was lighter than my cousin, but then the skin bleach ran out and the sun block ran out too, and my exfoliator kept giving me infections ( lumps underneath skin) so after a while I got even darker than I was, but my nose and ears are still my original brown color, and every time I go in the sun light, my forehead and cheeks get darker, I bought a new sun block and it works but It’s not getting me to my original brown skinned color. Will I get back to my original brown color if I wait/with time or what do I do? Have a skin care question for Eva? Ask below in the comment section.